18 November 2011

...Or the one.

After reading the preceding post, I had to chime in with my own.

I am one of the many. I am underwater - not due to a mortgage, but due to my house literally collapsing.

I live on government assistance not because I like doing so, not because of laziness, but because I have to. It makes me sick to my stomach that I've had to go to a food bank the last couple of months. I would love to be able to go earn a paycheck. I'd love to go do something with my life other than sit around all day wondering how I'm going to pay the bills, repair something that's fallen apart or put food on the table.

There are no jobs out there for me. I am one of fewer among the many. I'm mentally ill and have little work experience. Everything I am capable of doing, I have had to teach myself because I cannot cope in a traditional instructional setting. I didn't need school to figure out how to repair a vehicle, to put together a computer or build a website. I have passions and talents that simply cannot be taught. Sadly, that doesn't count for shit anymore. Merit and ability are irrelevant. It's all about cronyism, nepotism and money now. Who do you know? Who are you related to? Is there any incentive you can offer that makes you worth giving a chance to?

I don't know anyone important.

Even if I spoke to my family, none of them are important enough to get me into any kind of job.

I'm broke, so there goes money talking as an option. I cannot grease any palms.

Where am I left?

The saddest thing is that the bar is being raised higher with each passing day - not just for me but for the many... for all of us. Some have probably heard the stories of doctors working at fast food restaurants or people barely staying afloat due to unemployment benefits. Most of those unemployed have put in thousands of applications, and none get any response - but they keep trying. Even with no hope, they keep trying. Even as Big Business continues to downsize, they keep trying!

Those situations are becoming more and more common with each passing day. The jobs are drying up even as CEOs can continue to run companies into the ground and float away on their golden parachutes into a life of luxury. Companies are raking in record profits as they slash away at their job numbers and the profiteers and speculators rejoice.

If the continued plunder of the nation at the hands of the wealthiest continues, the many will grow. More will find themselves in the situation I am in. More will become like me.

Look down at my plight, that's certainly your right. I'll keep trying, even though there is nothing out there for me. The only help I want is a chance to make a living for myself. Don't pull me out of the hole, don't even throw me a rope - throw me a shovel so I can dig myself out. Do not speak for me, I will make myself heard.

But realize that if you stand by and do nothing, or worse take the side of the uncaring wealthy overlords, you will stand in my shoes soon enough. Then who will be left to speak for you?

There are still options. There is still time, even though it dwindles. Everyone has a voice. Everyone has a vote. Some of us still have some money - speak with your wallets. Some have stock in these businesses that continue to take and take - you can use that to speak as well!

Speak for yourselves, America... before it is too late.

17 November 2011

The needs of the few outweigh the needs of the many?

I am sure by now everyone has heard about this Occupy Wall Street Movement. First off cool your jets, I am not going to condemn anyone. The news does a good enough job of that without me.

I will say this though. Perhaps It would be of everyone's best interest to stop, shut up, and listen to what these people are saying. I know its a stretch for most people and the fact that some girl on the internet said to shut up is enough to cause the rant to end all rants and to condemn me to hell for all eternity. But since I have your attention for this particular moment consider this.

Look back.

Way back.

Back to the 1700's.

The USA didn't exist yet. We were little more then Colonies under the rule of nations clear across the Atlantic Ocean. We were being taxed to no end. We were taxed on our pay and then taxed again when we bought the products we were making to get paid in the first place. We were heavily taxed. The rich were getting richer and the poor... Well the poor were looked at as the lowest form of life.

Damn, this sounds familiar.

Those being taxed and Financially oppressed were not being listened to. They tried over and over to get the Government's and the powers that be's attention. No one listened. So it escalated. They protested. They did something to protest that would shake things up wildly. They took a ship full of tea and dumped it in Boston Harbor. THIS WAS PEACEFUL!!! They dressed as the natives, another group who had no respect, and it escalated.

Wow this is horribly familiar...

The British sent in the Military to Police and control any "uprisings". It escalated into the Revolutionary War!!!


Now Fast Forward 200+ years later. We have been brainwashed! Look at what it has taken to get us to this point. We have been lied to, ignored, tossed aside, and given the false impression that things are getting better when our nation has been left in a toilet by crooked politicians and flushed down without us ever knowing. Now HISTORY IS REPEATING ITSELF!!! Instead of 1 tyrant 1000 miles away, we have 1% of the population who are the tyrants and the other 99% of us are being severely oppressed financially and excessively taxed. The 99% have begun to protest in a way that is getting the attention of the 1%! It's escalated. Now there are police attempting to control any "uprisings".

There are 2 ways this can go.

Listen and be the difference needed to make this country as great as every person who calls themselves an American believes it to be.

Or Listen and ignore this 'rabble'. As the British found out in the late 1700's, there is nothing more dangerous then a man defending his home.

Ours are being taken from us.

Do the needs of the few truly outweigh the needs of the many?

(Edited to be less wall-of-text-ish and for grammar. Content is entirely Melody's - T.)