21 January 2008

Boredom is the greatest inspiration for tragic acts.

My laptop's battery finally arrived. About damned time.

Also, I got a few more things working on the Linux box - namely, sharing the overflow storage drive across the network, installing Pidgin, and installing a few other things to play with.

11 January 2008

So I was bored...

Well, I finally got Linux set up almost the way I like it on my desktop.

* I managed to figure out how to make the Samba shares hosted on my Mac read/write.
* I got uTorrent running. It looks as native with my Mac clone desktop as an app running under Wine can.
* I needed a PeerGuardian-esque program, so I tried IPblock. Problem was, I couldn't access any BT trackers while it was running!
* I managed to get SimDock running before I decided my desktop looked better without a Dock.
* And, I finally found a decent skin for irssi. Finally, no more text encoding issues every time someone posts a damned action.

It's a pity I'll most likely have to leave this box behind for a few months while I travel overseas.

08 January 2008


Sometimes you find yourself away from the world at large for so long, it's best to just make a clean start. You've got to love the influences of depression, as it makes you not want to do a damned thing for months at a time. Accounts expire, distance grows between you and communities you frequent, and then before you know it, you have nothing but the chance to start again.

Bleh, ramblings. Maybe one day this blog might contain useful content.