11 January 2008

So I was bored...

Well, I finally got Linux set up almost the way I like it on my desktop.

* I managed to figure out how to make the Samba shares hosted on my Mac read/write.
* I got uTorrent running. It looks as native with my Mac clone desktop as an app running under Wine can.
* I needed a PeerGuardian-esque program, so I tried IPblock. Problem was, I couldn't access any BT trackers while it was running!
* I managed to get SimDock running before I decided my desktop looked better without a Dock.
* And, I finally found a decent skin for irssi. Finally, no more text encoding issues every time someone posts a damned action.

It's a pity I'll most likely have to leave this box behind for a few months while I travel overseas.

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