24 October 2008

Texas's only traffic tunnel to reopen

Houston Chronicle - Ike-damaged Washburn Tunnel to reopen Saturday (10-25-2008)

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In 58 years of existence, Texas's sole traffic tunnel (according to the article), the Washburn Tunnel near Houston had never flooded.

Until Ike.

During the storm, it became completely inundated by the combined storm surges from the Houston Ship Channel to the south and Greens Bayou to the north. It took $100,000 to pay to have the tunnel drained of over 10 million gallons of water.

Might be worth a look one of these days now. At least starting Saturday, you can. Always worth a look if you're roadgeeking in Southeast Texas sometime soon... and in the meantime, you can almost "drive through" it on Street View.

Anyway, it's another sign of normalcy, and the area definitely needs those.

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