24 January 2009

The epidemic spreads...

2 killed after train hits car in Edgard

So, another one. Another car trying to cross the tracks while a train is coming. Another two people killed, another child needlessly traumatized solely because they survived. Another report that no seat belts were being worn by the dead. Like a deer in headlights, the SUV seemingly froze as it hit the tracks... then boom. The SUV ended up being thrown nearly 150 feet, and all three passengers were ejected. The crossing had nothing to warn of the approach of the train, solely having a pair of crossbucks letting passing traffic know that train tracks were indeed present. There were no gates, no lights, no bells. Even as the engineer blew his horn, the SUV just sat there...

Louisiana is one of the worst states in the nation when it comes to train/car collisions. Most of our crossings have only a pair of crossbucks, no safety measures. No gates, no lights, no sound. You just have to hope that you can hear the horn in time. Our all-knowing Legislature has done all of jack shit about this situation. Our local officials don't seem to know what they're doing about anything, and go with the cheapest solutions as a rule. Not the most inexpensive... the cheapest. There's a huge difference.

Seriously, is there anything more "shovel-ready" than "Mount gates and lights on all rail crossings in the state"? I'm sure that would be a nice shot in the arm for a depressive economy.

Until then, more lives will end and even more will be ruined as collateral damage.


Odo said...

You can legislate it all you want, but it's the railroad who is responsible for the crossings. as to why the rail companys don't do anything, that I cannot answer.

Why wasn't anyone wearing seatbelts? I thought it was Louisiana law? Would they have survived if they had been bucked up?

Taralyn said...

It's the law to wear seatbelts, but the fact is that most people just don't give a damn about them around here. If they could legally take them out of their vehicles, they probably would just to save themselves some hassle.

I don't know if they would have survived if they were wearing them, but it couldn't have hurt their chances.