29 January 2012

Road Video of the Week - Day Late Edition

Pickings have been slim this week. However, one of my favorite road videographers released a new video this week. While I'm not normally a fan of "Highway Tour" type videos, this one is executed well enough.

It helps that it was made by the same person who made The Most Awesome Road Vid Ever (TM).

I didn't know I-229 was so substandard, but that double-decked viaduct kicks ass.

Anyway, enjoy eluko79's Highway Tour of St. Joseph, MO.

1 comment:

Unknown said...

Yes, Taralyn this was a nice highway journey video. And yes, there are substandard I-229s even beyond St. Joseph. You made a good observation, one that can be entered on the newly launched InfraInput.org (short for infrastructure input). This site welcomes input from people like you who notice things on an everyday basis across nearly all public infrastructure facilities from Airports to Water Pipes including Highways and Roads. Imagine I-229 and others documented in a clear, structured work order format, available in Excel, PDF, and Google Map output? Then, policymakers and public managers will be better informed in real-time. And maybe some day soon, our highways won't have to be substandard, or bridges structurally deficient,or railways antiquated, or water systems crumbling...Join us in this journey to help rebuild America!