20 January 2012

Road Video of the Week - Inaugural Edition

I guess I should post something road-related on here, huh? With all the activist and political posts here, I'm worried I might scare off both of my readers.

So, one of my passions is road videos. However, since I don't get to go out as often as I like with gas prices being so high, and since I don't have a video camera of my own, I watch the videos of others.

Sadly, it's been slim pickings on YouTube this week as far as road videos go. Perhaps I'm not subscribed to enough people. So, let's go with one of the few Interstate vids on my feed this week, from a YouTube user going by cochrab.

Nice video. The sign graphics in the vid are a little low-quality, though that comes from using SignMaker rather than creating images by hand in PS or Gimp or something. (SignMaker really needs an upgrade...) Still, the use of Nirvana as the backing music is extremely fitting for a vid of the Interstates in Seattle. The vid being at actual speed as opposed to timelapse is a nice change of pace that can rarely be executed well. It's pulled off well here, though.

So, here's the deal. I want to make this a weekly feature, most likely posted on Thursday nights or Friday mornings. Want your vid to have a shot of being Road Video of the Week? You can shoot me a link here in the comments to wherever you host them, be it YouTube or someplace else. Both my readers may not seem like a huge bump in traffic, and neither would my 60 Twitter followers, but still... any increase in traffic is a good thing, right?

(As an aside, I've widened the blog slightly to better accommodate YouTube vids. Sadly, that means those viewing this on 800x600 or lower resolutions won't be able to see across without scrolling horizontally. The price of progress, I'm afraid...)

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