28 April 2008

Lulz from MTR

I've read (with enjoyment) Mr. Yamamoto's "The Experience" for a few days now, and some of the funniest posts in there are when he starts trashing someone he calls "CalBog" - basically a disliked, trollish "viatologist" who posts in MTR, annoying the piss out of people along the way. Well, CalBog just posted again, and he must be desperate for pageviews or something. Today, he's posted an update to his site for "Ruta Federal 2" (Mexican Federal Highway 2) videos.
"Hola viatolicos mexicanos,
¡Buenos días! Hoy, la Worldwide Highway Library (WHL) tenga una nueva
fotografía "Virtual 360" de la Ruta Federal 2:"

(link would go here... but not on MY blog...)

"Si quiere verla, necessita Apple Quicktime."
I wonder if he's thinking he can get through the Wall of Silence by posting in Spanish? Anyway, right there, you see one of MY gripes against the guy - he's desperately trolling for pageviews, but he's rabidly anti-Linux. Plus, it's a Mexican Federal Highway, not a Mexican Federal Route.

Highway = Autopista
Ruta = Route

"Ruta 2 tenga dos ramas a Chihuahua. La rama secundaria se conecta a Palomas y la rama primaria. Use la rama primaria para los viajes entre Juárez y el estado de Sonora. La WHL tenga los mejores fotografias y las mejores vídeos de las Americas."
Let's see what that translates to...
"Route 2 has two branches in Chihuahua. The secondary branch connects to Palomas and the primary branch. Use the primary branch for travel between Juarez and the state of Sonora."
Uhm, OK. I can get that from Wikipedia. At least his Español isn't as crap as his Français. Next!
"The WHL has the best photographs and videos of the Americas."
This I doubt. I've read real roadgeek sites in my life. I could probably do better than our friend here if all I had to work with was a machine running Windows 98 and some poor B&W scans.

All in all, massive lulz.


CYamamoto101 said...

Hey Ho, always glad to hear from another CalBog fan. He's a disaster, innt he?

Taralyn said...

Like a train wreck, man... it's a great human tragedy but you just can't stop looking away!