28 April 2008

This was worth the front page?

It's such a pain to walk lately, I swear. Anyway, I saw this in the Times-Picayune yesterday:

End is in sight for I-10 construction in Metairie

Of course, the online version of the article is wrought with the usual trolls, but some of the replies are spot on... OK, they're finishing it on time. Problem is, it could have been done in a LOT less time if Louisiana knew the first thing about scheduling highway repairs. Other cities in other states can get roadwork similar in magnitude done in less time. Even with the fact that New Orleans doesn't have a true local freeway bypass (I-12 doesn't count, I-610's western terminus is past the roadwork, and the Causeway requires one to go through at-grade intersections), I'm sure the same work could have been done in other states, in a similar situation, much faster.

Then again, maybe I'm just so annoyed about the traffic over there that I'm grasping at straws.

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