29 April 2008

Today needs moar lulz

Mister Prime Idiot is at it again!
Hi Viatologists,

After careful consideration, access to the Worldwide Highway Library from
the Vatican City State ( is tentatively and hereby denied.
All registered users in this IP address block will need to find an alternate
source or seek another IP address in neighbouring Rome.
...So now he hates Catholics? I normally can't stand the filth that comes from the Vatican every other week, but banning them? Troll, though he may be, CalBog's got balls. (In the same sense as one might say a woman has balls, not in the sense of actually possessing a pair, mind you.)

Then again, this act of his elicited three responses, so maybe he was only trying to break the Cone. We all know that the Vatican considers teh intarwebz as witchcraft.*

...Nah. He can't be that crafty!

* - Denotes sarcasm, not meant to offend. For once.


Comrade Otto Yamamoto(ECHM) said...

Who the heck knows with him? Dunno if you noticed, but the Whirled Hiway Liberry is now the the 'World Transportation Library' along w/a spiffen new .info domain; not that anybody rilly cares, anyway.

Now, CalBog misses an opportunity to get his Faux Britishness on here. He should have called it the World Transport Library. That woulda been st8 up UK stylee, which of course, despite what he'd like us all to think, he hasn't a bloody clue about. It's a bit more than dropping an extra 'u' in here and there and substituting an 's' for a zed. It's like a whole other language sometimes-which can be a royal pain when you're trying to explain something in what you think is plain English, and even people who've known you for years look at you like you have two heads.

Taralyn said...

I wouldn't have guessed about the .info domain... I tend to avoid those like the plague, since most of them ARE the plague for PCs.