29 April 2008

Port Vincent NIMBYs speak out about proposed BR loop

From WBRZ-TV - Port Vincent Residents Speak Out (Video)

...Let me get this straight. The loop is badly needed at this stage. Traffic counts in Metro Baton Rouge along the I-10 (from Milepost 159 west to the river) and I-12 (out to and beyond the Livingston Parish line) are insane, and the companion US Route(s) aren't any better an alternative. The latest proposal for the Port Vincent area (east of BR) is a bypass of the town, meant to impact as few homes as possible, and they still want to pull the NIMBY crap?

I've driven through Baton Rouge many times, both on the I-10/12 main drag, and on the US 61/190 Bypass (Airline Highway). It is PATHETIC. If there's even a hint of daylight, good luck getting through there in any sort of decent time. The traffic sometimes makes New Orleans look like a niche rural destination. The loop would make life easier for a lot of travelers, and for those who actually have to drive through the city center.

Instead, they're worried about trash. Trash! Come on, that's a pathetic reason. The bypass is needed as bad as a six-laning of I-12 for its entire duration.

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Magyar said...

I dunno. Having lived in BR for almost 4 years now (granted all next to LSU), I've found the freeways (10/12/110) to only be a problem during evening rush hour (though I've rarely been on the road during morning rush).
All the roads (not just the interstates & Airline) are congested and a mess in the evening. A bypass isn't going to solve the in-town traffic situation (though some traffic signal sycranition would take some minutes off our commutte around here).

Oh well, that BR bypass has been talked about and designed going on 50 years now. Why stop now.