03 August 2008

Great, now they've got me Flickring...

Ok, so I feel lame, and yet not. Maybe sleep would help.

In the meantime, I got a LOT of snaps today, as well as the ones from last week. I'm talking like 120 of them, taken, cropped and fix0rd in one day. They'll go up on my Photobucket and Accueil sometime during the week, but they're on my Flickr right this minute if you need instant gratification. They're mostly placed by sets for the time being.

I'll be adding the older snaps to the Flickr page as time permits as well.

(Sorry. Lotsa tags apply here.)


Froggie said...

I see you got your photos up.

Just one note: the new Rigolets bridge was actually under construction pre-Katrina. The damage to the old bridge just gave LaDOTD one more reason to get the new bridge finished, though it's sad that MDOT got the Bay St. Louis bridge and half the Biloxi-Ocean Springs bridge done first.

Taralyn said...

Yeah, I fixed that. Just the start to a lot of fixes over the next week.