11 August 2008

More highway albums up

As the title says. I've got a few more albums up, these of some of the state highways in the parish. (All links open in a new window or tab, depending on your browser's settings.)

LA 36 - Mostly of sights from where other highways terminate along it, and of the traffic circle in Abita Springs.
LA 59 - Some shots from the southern terminus, the LA 1088 terminus, some from Abita, and of the traffic circle in Abita Springs. (Is there an echo in here?)
LA 1087 - Shots from along the useless state highway cutting through the center of Old Mandeville.
LA 1088 - Hey look, I can see my house from here! Also, some shots from both termini and from the overpass.
LA 3228 - Three shots along LA 3228 (Old US 190, Old LA 25) in Mandeville.

Also, Operation Coordinates is 100% complete.

...No, not Calbog's abortion, I mean that all photos on my Picasa are geotagged. Each one's got coordinates.

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