11 August 2008

Mini-upd*te and a mini-rant

Just two more album updates tonight... I'll finish up tomorrow.

IH 12 - Pics taken at various points in the highway's St. Tammany Parish routing
The Tammany Trace - Fitting that the largest album I have so far would be of a bike trail. 24 shots in all spanning from Abita Springs to Mandeville.

As per the usual, all snaps are geotagged. No need for "Operation Spam Minor Upd*tes" when you can keep up as you go instead of waiting on it, you know.

Also, Accueil saw a fairly hearty upd*te of its own tonight. Check the Updates page on the site for that info.


Two for the price of one! OSTT so far appears to be working well against its initial targets, Calbog and Racist Randy. At the least, inane idiocy doesn't turn into a flamewar of Vietnam-like proportions. (Except in the case of two people who "broke" it earlier tonight on Calbog. Guys, <ostt-break> is still OSTT-breaking!)

Well, apparently, someone liked the concept enough to suggest it at another NG, this time on Poologski. About time. Way to go, Odo. Don't know who you are, but way to go nonetheless.

That said, once Poologski found out, he turned around and proceeded to pitch a bitch in MTR like a child whose favorite toy got burned right in front of their eyes. Someone just call the WAAAAAAAHmbulance already, please.

While OSTT/MTR currently doesn't apply to him, can we please expand it to Poologski? It's only fair, considering how much he likes spamming #roadgeek, then whining about it on MTR.

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Comrade Otto Yamamoto(ECHM) said...

It will be interesting to see how it goes. I'm maintaining radio silence on the poog from hereon in. He's desperate to get an entry on 'The Experience'; part of why he's pulling all this crapola; and of course, there's not a snowball's chance in hell of that happening.