05 May 2008

Another Airline Highway wreck...

Times-Picayune - LaPlace wreck kills 2, injures 2

Let me paint a picture of Airline Highway (US 61) through that area. Four lanes of early US Highway construction in Louisiana, meaning there is next to no median... maybe if you're lucky, there's a double-sided guardrail masquerading as a jersey barrier, or 2 feet of grass between the carriageways. Yet there's still idiots who use the road and think it's a freeway - a typical mindset in Louisiana.

Now, this wreck is tragic, indeed. What makes it sadder is that driver impairment wasn't a factor. You can't blame booze or drugs for this one. Instead, we have a speeder to blame. I'm worried S&DDAM will have a field day with this one if he finds out... and I'd have to agree with him.

People have got to start realizing Airline Highway, like a lot of other 4-lane thoroughfares around here, is NOT an Interstate. You can't just do 70 down it and expect nothing bad to happen.

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US 71 said...

I was on Airline Highway a couple years ago. It's definitely NOT a good road to speed on. Sadly, some people think because a road is 4 lanes, it's OK to speed.