15 May 2008

Followup: Bill on "speed traps" dead

The News Star (Monroe, LA): Bill on "speed traps" dead for session

Original entry: The effort to ban "speed traps" in Louisiana
State Rep. Hollis Downs' bill that would have cracked down on what he describes as speed traps is dead.

Downs, R-Ruston, withdrew House Bill 1050 from consideration on Wednesday when it became clear the bill wouldn't make it out of the House Municipal, Parochial and Cultural Affairs Committee.

"It came down to the strong influence that the mayors and police chiefs and marshals have, and they didn't want it," Downs said. "The legislators had to decide whether they would support the people or the institutions, and in this case it was the institutions.

"Obviously, we're not ready as a state to get this done. It's a cash cow for these little communities."

The way I see it: Keep avoiding the speed trap towns until they dry up like raisins. I'm sorry, but you can NOT sustain a town by having so much of your revenue coming in from speeding tickets. All they're doing is condemning their towns to long and drawn-out deaths.

Better luck next year.


US 71 said...

You've never been to Johnson: the armpit of NW Arkansas. Nothing but speed trap (and 2 c-stores). They've managed to survive as a speed trap for over 20 years.

Taralyn said...

Nah, haven't made Arkansas at all, unfortunately. Maybe one day.

This speed trap thing is just getting under my skin in the worst way. I know I'll be avoiding traveling through them from now on. I don't care what's there, I don't even care if they have the Greatest Tourist Attraction Evar... I'm avoiding them like the plague.