25 May 2008

Posting from the new machine

My iBook arrived via FedEx yesterday. Let's see what's all there...
  • Processor: 800 MHz PowerPC G3 750fx
  • Memory: 384MB
  • Storage: 6GB 2.5" IDE
  • Optical: Sony CD-RW/DVD-ROM
  • Expansion: FireWire 400, 2 USB 1.1
  • Networking: 56k, wired Ethernet
  • Operating System: Mac OS X 10.4.11
Ok, so it's not the most advanced bit of tech on the planet. It's going to practically require a teardown to put in a bigger hard drive (I have a 40GB waiting in the wings) and another 256MB stick of RAM (that I might be able to harvest from my Thinkpad) - best to replace both during the same teardown. As it's configured right now (hardware-wise), I can't even install Xcode, making installing necessities like irssi and mpg123 impossible due to the lack of a compiler. Also, it has to be run wired until I get ahold of a USB wireless interface (preferably with a Ralink chipset.)

Still, despite all that, I'm loving this machine. Some Linux users can't stand OS X, but once I install Xcode, I love it. I'm also looking forward to the challenge in upgrading the hardware bits on here. I could use the experience in it if I'm ever going to get people to pay me for doing this kind of stuff. (Hint, hint!!)

In keeping with the naming scheme for my previous machines, this one is known as latias.

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