15 May 2008

Yay, excitement. Or is that excrement?

You know, I must be a prophet or something. I complained in a comment on The Experience that Racist Roadsine Randy was getting more boring than CalBog. Thing is, the comment hadn't been released for public consumption yet. Mebbe he's got voodoo powers.

Well, either way, he's back and he's pissed. Basically, he posts four links in MTR to a New Jersey news site about various things that (African-Americans) do... killing a baby, shooting a guy in the leg outside of an IHOP, committing suicide during a traffic stop... you get the point, it gets pretty bad. The problem here is that he doesn't realize that people of all colors and creeds are capable of some really sick stuff. He should start looking at everything, not just the stories that further his own twisted beliefs. Plus, he doesn't look at the good people are capable of. Then again, most of the time, that's not news. You hear about the murders, rapes and robberies, but you rarely hear about the Good Samaritans, the charitable or the valiant. Crime sells.

Looks like Randy bought into it, big-time. Almost makes me pity the guy. He, himself is capable of great things... but this racist attitude of his just drags him down in the eyes of his peers. Shame, that.

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US 71 said...

Sadly, some people thrive on bigotry & hatred. To build themselves up, they try to tear others down.