20 July 2008

Boulder, CO: Kids, don't do acid. You might catch the stupid.

KMGH-TV: 'Bridge Troll' Arrested After Confrontation With Deputy

After a long two days of working on the site, I needed some lulz. This prime example of drug-addled stupidity sure qualifies, even if it's from last Sunday. At least the idiot was being a "troll" of the classic sense instead of the Internet sense.

Witnesses told police that (Robert) Hibbs and Bradley Boville, 19, were demanding $1 from joggers and bikers who attempted to cross the bridge.

Whatever happened to "answer three questions or thou shalt not pass"?

Regardless, this is why you shouldn't touch harder drugs. Just park yourself at the gateway and stay there.

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Douglas A. Willinger said...

The drug just released what was already within them- namely a disgust perhaps at the highway hating elitists who think that the masses should simply ride bikes (or eat cake).