17 July 2008

Like Slater, she loves the Linux.

You may know this, or you may not. Well, I'm here to be telling you. I'm a Linux user. Been one since 2004. Started with Redhat 9, now I'm using Xubuntu 8.04.1.

I think I've finally gotten this particular Linux install the way I like it. You see, my old desktop bit the dust last month. I got tired of doing piecemeal repairs, so I got a new (ok, used) machine to replace it. It works decent under WinXP, but I spend a lot of time logged into the Linux partition instead.

Anyway, here's a screenie.

(Warning: It's a .png file, so it may take some time for those of you on dialup to see, should you click to the fullsize. It's worth the wait, though.)

Try doing this with your Windows install without spending enough for a week of food or pirating a bunch of skinning software! Basically, here's the details that you need to Google to make yours anything like mine (assuming you use the *NIX):

XFCE theme: Symphony
GTK theme: Unity
Icon set: Black-White
XMMS skin: Glorification Reborn (Actually, it's a Winamp skin)
Wallpaper: The Birth of Europa
Font: Purisa
Terminal font: DejaVu Sans Mono


Comrade Otto Yamamoto(ECHM) said...

My desktop. I prefer the crisp and clean look of KDE. The photo is mine-Razorblade Handgrenade at the Pyramid Club in NYC. I'm not as widgety.

Taralyn said...

Yeah, I tried KDE for a while when I was using RHEL9. I just couldn't get used to it like I was used to Gnome.

Once I started having to use low-end machines, I gravitated to XFCE. I prefer it now over both Gnome and KDE.