19 July 2008

Major site upd*te

Since I've been housebound, I've been working here and there on "Accueil."

The Highways of St. Tammany page has seen an upd*te, adding distance to the existing entries and new entries for US 190-X (Covington business route/Old US 190/Old LA 36), US 190-Y (Slidell business route/Old US 190), LA 16, LA 21, LA 22 (Another Old US 190), LA 25, LA 36, LA 40, LA 41, Spur LA 41 and LA 59, completing Page 1. Started on a Page 2 as well, with entries for LA 433, 434, 435, Spur 435, 437 and Spur 437. I'll be working upward from there as soon as I compile a list of 4dla routes and make graphics for them, and can be bothered to do a writeup on LA 450.

All routes are signed, of course. :P

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