15 July 2008

Rec.autos.driving idiocy on the rise

Generally, I peek in on a pair of NG's on a daily basis... sometimes more often. We all know about the constant CalBoggery in m.t.r, as evidenced by two of Comrade Yamamoto's recent blog posts (and one lulz-inspiring classic), but within r.a.d, a worse demon posts there... worse than ten CalBogs. Even worse than all the bicycle-haters there put together fifty times over.

I'm speaking of Aunt Judy of course, a.k.a. S&DDAM, a.k.a. Dumbshit. This thing makes Calbog look like a civilized person on the Internets. Out one side of its mouth, it spews garbage about the "crime" of doing more than 55mph, and it condemns everyone still living in any wreck in which a life ends, even when they're, you know, not at fault. (They must have been SPEEDING! No? Then they were DRUNK! Neither? Screw it, give them the CHAIR! The CHAIR, I say!) Out the other side of its mouth, it talks about how it fails to even routinely maintain its own vehicle, how it's proud of running an insane number of miles on a failing tire, and other trash that make it look like a hypocrite of a degree that eclipses any politician.

And what am I getting at here? There should be an OSTT for r.a.d as well, mostly centering on this piece of garbage. Where CalBog only seeks to annoy by posting incessantly but benignly, Dumbshit inflames people on purpose. It's one thing to try to ignore the car wreck, it's another when the idiot who started the wreck in the first place is also lobbing rocks at your car. Still, I think he can be ignored successfully.

Anyway, rant (and blatant advertising of Slater's blog) over. I think I'll plan a ride now...

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US 71 said...

Oh my stars & garters... the good Comrade strikes again. I almost fell out of my chair over this latest one.

As far as OSTT, you can always propose it and see if you can convince others to follow your lead.