01 July 2008

No pictures today.

The story is, I was going to go out and take some pictures today while I was out running errands. I would have caught the southern terminus of LA 21 and of LA 1077.

However, along the way, before I snapped even a single shot, I wrecked my bike and got hurt in the process. The injuries to me were relatively minor. The bike's another story, though. It would be repairable if daytime temperatures weren't so insanely hot.

So, as it is, I'm sidelined. Meh.


Froggie said...

Sorry to hear about that. How'd you pull that off?

Taralyn said...

I was cruising along a recently-built bike path along West Causeway Approach at about 15 miles per hour. Along the way, a SUV pulled out right in front of me from a blind driveway. (There was no stop sign on the bike path for it.) By the time I saw him, the only evasive maneuver I could do to minimize injury was to turn the same way he was going and hit his side. If I would have tried turning left, I would have caught his rear bumper and taken a chunk out of my leg. If I would have went straight, I would have flipped forward and possibly broken my neck. There was no time to brake.

Froggie said...

That sucks. If it's any consolation, I'm looking at a roadtrip tomorrow (Friday). Let me know if you're interested.