02 June 2008

The End Of An Era

Say goodbye to this...

...It's changed to this. (Note: Below shield is a mockup ONLY!)

Why? Louisiana is ditching the green and white sines for black and white sines.

Their reason? Because green ink costs too much. Makes me wonder if Governor Bobby finally put LADOTD on a diet.

It might place Louisiana's highway guide sines in line with the FHWA standard, but it's still a sad day. Now if you'll excuse me, I need to go and snatch up one of those sines before they're gone.


US 71 said...

I see them on e-bay every once in a while. I think there's also a place you can get new ones made. As for me, I guess I need to make a roadtrip sometime soon and get some final pics.

Tis indeed a sad day. :(

Froggie said...

Two notes:

- How can you say LaDOTD was put on a diet when they got almost $700 million this past year in "surplus money"?

- Took the long way around to Slidell on a recent weekend and noticed some of the new signs on LA 434, not too far from your neck of the woods.

Taralyn said...

North end or south end of 434? If it's the north end, I might be taking pics this weekend. (It's only about 7 miles from my house.)

Froggie said...

In case you didn't get my E-mail (I tried your gmail acct), they're on the north end of LA 434...basically coinciding with the resurfacing from the heart hospital up to LA 36, though there are B/W reassurance shields on either side of I-12. None in Lacombe, Slidell, or Pearl River.