20 June 2008

Georgia: Fuel surcharge to be added to speeding tickets

Holly Springs, GA (USA Today): Speeders to pay extra for police fuel

Gas prices continue to spiral upwards, now past the $4 mark all over the country, over $5 in some places, and diesel's no better at this point. It's affecting everybody from suburbanites, to delivery drivers, to truckers... all commuters, really... and of course, it's affecting the police as well. So, if you're planning to be in Holly Springs, please do slow down some. Not only will it help your gas costs, but it'll also save you the $12 fuel surcharge being added to your ticket. Same goes for any moving violation in the suburb.

Actually, this is the harbinger to a trend. Atlanta's looking into adding a $10-15 surcharge of their own (it only awaits the Mayor's OK), and other municipalities are looking to copy the ordinance for themselves.

It's to be expected, really. Everyone gets hit by gas costs. So slow it down, not just to save yourself some cash in these dire times, but to prevent yourself from having to cover the cop that stopped you as well.

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Froggie said...

I'm waiting to see what happens with this one when it gets challenged in court. Because you know it's only a matter of time before it does...