03 June 2008

Fantasy: Interstate 512 (Louisiana)

Apparently the neighbors have been checking up on a project. You see, there's an interchange in the works for LA 1088 and I-12, which is within walking distance from my house. It is supposed to be accompanied by LA 3241, which is meant to be a connector from I-12 to Bogalusa. My house will be safe. Sadly, so will my aunt's place.

Anyway, that got my brain turning. If this highway does its job, it'll spur growth in Washington Parish. Why not skip ahead and connect Washington Parish to the Interstate System? That's where this fantasy rundown comes in.

Exit list runs from south to north as you scroll down. Exits are mileage-based, but are estimates only. Sadly, between the NIMBYs and environmentalists, this will likely remain only fantasy. Ah, well. Strap in.

Exit 69, I-12: I-512 North to Bogalusa
Complex is a trumpet interchange
I-512 begins/ends at interchange
(Southbound only, 2 lanes): Mainline defaults on to I-12 West to Hammond
1A (Southbound only, 1 lane, left exit): I-12 East To I-10 and I-59, to Slidell

1B (Southbound, 2 lane exit): LA 1088 West to Mandeville
Partial Y-interchange
No access to SB I-512 from EB LA 1088
No access to WB LA 1088 from NB I-512
LA 1088 begins/ends at interchange
(Exits 1A and 1B will exist within a mile of each other)

3: Fish Hatchery Road to LA 1093-1, Lacombe
Compact diamond interchange
Contingent on paving of Fish Hatchery

5: LA 36 to Abita Springs, Pearl River
Compact diamond interchange
Current northern terminus of LA 1088, intersection exists at-grade

9: LA 435 to Abita Springs, Talisheek
Diamond interchange
NB LA 41 accesses SB I-512 here via LA 435

10: LA 41 South To LA 435 to Pearl River, Talisheek, Abita Springs
Partial Y interchange
No access from NB LA 41 to SB I-512
LA 41 begins/ends at interchange

13A: LA 40 West (NB: LA 40 West To LA 21) to Bush, Folsom (Covington)
Diamond interchange
NB LA 21 accesses SB I-512 here via LA 40
NB I-512 accesses SB LA 21 here via LA 40
LA 40 begins/ends at interchange

13B (Southbound): LA 21 South to Covington
Compact Y interchange
No access from NB LA 21 to SB I-512
No access from NB I-512 to SB LA 21
LA 21 enters multiplex with I-512 northbound
Current northern terminus of LA 41

15: LA 16 West to Sun
Diamond interchange on south side
Texas-style interchange using slip ramps to/from frontage roads on north side
Frontage roads begin northbound/end southbound
LA 16 begins/ends at interchange

--Washington/St. Tammany parish line--

18: LA 1075 North to Bogalusa
Texas-style interchange using slip ramps to/from frontage roads
LA 1075 begins/ends at interchange

24: LA 3124 North to Downtown Bogalusa
Diamond interchange
Frontage roads end northbound/begin southbound
I-512 begins/ends at interchange
LA 3124 begins/ends at interchange
Northbound defaults to LA 21 to Bogalusa
LA 21 enters multiplex with I-512 southbound


Froggie said...

From a realistic standpoint, I think LaDOTD would be better off widening LA 21 and LA 41 instead of building a brand new route. But that's just me.

That said, nice fantasy I-512 idea...

Taralyn said...

Well, the route takes into account the current divided LA 21 from LA 41 to just outside Bogalusa, and would widen LA 41 from Talisheek to the north terminus, while also using a partial new route and some of existing 1088 as well (although not all of it down to I-12, as the area near the interchange has a decent-sized residential area and they're building a high school along it as well.)