23 June 2008

Harrison Co., MS: US 90 work on schedule

(Sorry, but I prefer the CA-style US Highway shield to the standard-issue one - T.)

Sun-Herald - Coast's Christmas gift may be a new US 90

A couple of days ago, I posted about MDOT putting new projects on ice due to high oil prices throwing a monkey wrench into the budget. I had pointed out then that ongoing projects were unaffected by the funding crisis so far, and good thing for that.

US 90 is being resurfaced for 27 miles in Harrison County, in four stages. Before Katrina, it could have used some work. I haven't driven US 90 since the storm, as the bridge between Bay St. Louis and Pass Christian was still under construction while I had a working car. Still, I can imagine the storm made things much worse.

It's slated to be complete in December, so there's only six more months to endure the delays. Fun... In all seriousness, though, it's necessary, and it's a good thing to see that this necessary project will continue on to completion. Even with the condition it used to be in, it was a sweet drive, both because of the scenery and the road design. The repairs will make it even sweeter.


Froggie said...

Needed to get done, yes, but MDOT has taken *A LOT* of flak for not getting it done back BEFORE the new bridges were completed. They came up with several excuses, but not all of them were valid, IMO.

Taralyn said...

...And that makes them different from LaDOTD how, exactly? :P

Froggie said...

Because once MDOT ramrods a project through to construction, they'll actually get it done.

Let's take count. Close to 3 years after Katrina and we have 2 brand new *AND COMPLETED* bridges on the Mississippi side. Meanwhile, it took LaDOTD over 2 years just to finish the new Rigolets bridge...a project they started BEFORE Katrina. And we're waiting...what...another year?...before the first of the new Twin Spans gets done.

Taralyn said...

...You got me there.