21 June 2008

NOLA: St. Charles streetcar is back to full service

Times-Picayune - Uptown streetcars go the distance

Things may seem like they're falling apart. A lot of people haven't returned, and a lot of those that have still live with their homes in disrepair. The local Congressman's proving he's a typical Louisiana politician, and the Mayor's a bumbling idiot at times. Crime's out of control all over the area, so bad that the National Guard's tour in New Orleans has been extended yet again.

Still, it's the small things like this that give us a sense of hope in these dark times. The streetcars are an iconic part of New Orleans, and the fact that they're back helps us to believe that if they can come back, we can bring anything back.

We're starting to move forward now, we just need to keep it going. This is a large step indeed... but we've still so much farther to go. We can't let up now.

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