21 June 2008

I took another bicycle trip and nearly died. Plus 52 snaps from three different cameras.

Today, I covered around 30 miles on a bicycle, taking snaps of one terminus each of LA 434 and LA 435 and both termini of LA 1088. A few of the LA 434 snaps catch some of the new monochrome shields in the wild. There are many other assorted highway shots along the way, as well as some unexpected railfan snaps from along the Tammany Trace and a few shots of buildings in Abita Springs. There's even one shot of a Clearview street sine in Mandeville.

As well, I almost died traversing LA 36 between LA 1088 and LA 59. And I got rained on. A lot. So you'd better like the snaps. Or I'll hurt you.

Anyway, the snaps are here.

Edit: They're also here if you have an aversion to Photobucket or something.

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