20 June 2008

Last entry of the day, I promise...

You'll probably notice I worked on my shield-making skills some. I also created a banner for the blog designed like a Big Green Sign.

Welcome to Exit Zero...

Edit: Thanks to Slater for the old-school broken green shield for the banner sine.


Comrade Otto Yamamoto(ECHM) said...

Here's a couple:
Kickin' it sort of olde school and NY stylee
Same basic deal w/an incorporated junction plate a la Caliphornia

The broken state shield was popular in the late 70's. Dunno if any of those sines are left.

Taralyn said...

There are a few along I-10 west of Lafayette and another few scattered along I-12 that I know of.

I would have done the broken state shield, but I was all nice and sleep-deprived, and adapting my B&W template sine was seeming hard enough.