05 June 2008

Ohio: She got a designated driver, alright...

WLWT-TV: Woman accused of being drunk, letting toddler drive

Here's some Grade A stupidity for you, my loyal pair of readers. This woman goes and drives drunk. Smart idea - have a designated driver. STUPID idea - have a ONE-YEAR OLD as your designated driver! She sat the toddler in her lap and let him steer the car. To add to her credentials for her Darwin Award, she had her five and eight-year olds in the car as well.

Even more amazing is that this arrest is her third for DUI in six years, and she was still under suspension when pulled over this time.

Her excuse? She was "only going a couple of blocks to return some DVDs to a neighbor." I guess her alcohol-destroyed brain can't process that you're better off walking only a couple of blocks anyway, even while sober but ESPECIALLY when loaded!

Put all these things together, and you get someone who should probably be barred from being anywhere near a car for the rest of her life.

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US 71 said...

She gets "runner-up" for the Darwin Awards since she's still in the genepool.

Definitely a "Whiskey Tango Foxtrot" moment.